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About Us

TWT FITNESS (Train with Trish) is a black owned fitness company founded by Trish Mathis in Houston, Texas. With dedication to the health and wellness of each client, TWT has made a commitment to every client to provide results and health in their lives. All clients receive customized service plans that fit their needs. Whether you're looking to lose, gain, or maintain your weight we can make it happen for you! Commit to us! Let us help you get those results you desire!

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I've been working out with Trish since April, all from home based on workouts and meal plans she's sent me. Overall, I've never had the results from working out that I've had with her. She is a trainer who listens, zeroes in on your concerns and knows the ones that you may not even think/know you have. Considering that I've gotten these results solely based on pictures I send her and conversations we've had shows her knowledge, dedication and love for what she does. I can without a doubt say that if you don't get results, it's not because of her. I am grateful for the journey and the knowledge I've gained along the way. Out of four trainers I've encountered in my life, I can stand steadfast in saying Trish is the BEST with the GREATEST results and I'm glad I reached out because had I not, I wouldn't have gotten back to ME. She has allowed me to NOT only get my body back but my confidence,  spirit and vibe. Working out and becoming more healthy has set me free  and I have her to thank. If you want to be your best self, train with Trish #TheTWTWay 

—  Veronica Rogers